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  Welcome to Taylor Schilling Online, one of the resources on the internet in support of actress Taylor Schilling. Known for roles in Mercy, she's currently starting in Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Keep checking for the news, info and more about Taylor.

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  1. Earl Boydell, Jr. says:

    I have only seen you in the movie, “The Lucky One”, but I thought you did an excellent acting job. I originally watched it because I was in the Marine Corps back in ’72. The movie was good; however, I watch it whenever it comes on to see you. That sounds “creepy”, but I am not one of those crazy people. I have visited New York City and Upstate several times. It is nice to visit, but I could not live where the gun laws are so strict. I was born and raised in New Orleans, and I enjoy living here since things are so laid back. I wish you good luck with your career…you certainly have the talent. Merry Christmas, Earl

  2. Corey says:

    Taylor is a class act. Her ability to show a range of emotion and yet subtle simplicity in her acting feels very genuine. Nice to see her evolution on the screen too.. I think she will be areound for awhile. Such a talented actress.

  3. Eddie says:

    You are great in the Lucky One! It’s become my favorite movie!
    Do another with your co-star.Great chemistry!

  4. Rachel says:

    I LOVE the new layout! It is absolutely stunning! Congratulations on the one year as well!

  5. NurseChris says:

    Hi!! I love Veronica, and I also love how Taylor portrayed her role.. Too bad NBC cut it short (that’s why I NEVER watch any NBC shows again!!).. I hope she’ll be more expose to many TV shows and movies.. Please send my love to Taylor!! I Love You!!

  6. Dave Jewett says:

    Ms. Schilling has taken on a role that some people love to hate; and some people love to love. This is possibly the most controversial role any woman has played. The critics hate you in this role because you play it so well. And the audience loves you in this role because you play it so well.

    My hat’s off to you. You have courage to play such a role that Hollywood hates; but real people love.

  7. F. Dregischan says:

    Dear Taylor Schilling Fans,

    I think that Ms. Schilling was the perfect choice for this role. I’ve seen the part 1 four times now, and have been overwhelmed by her performance each and every time. There was great chemistry between her and Mr. Bowler. The movie stayed true to the book’s intention and most likely wouldn’t have, if there were bigger names involved as originally intended. I truly believe this movie, including parts 2 and 3, will prove to be one of the most important films of this century as it is a warning of things to come. Thank you for the stellar performance Ms. Schilling!

    F. Dregischan

  8. Kate says:

    Thanks for your work on Atlas Shrugged… you made Dagny totally believable. Your work was wonderful.

  9. Gordon van Vliet says:

    Great job on this movie!

  10. Barbara Cauchon says:

    Hey Taylor…saw you in your role as Dagny last night as a sneak premiere showing of Atlas in Dedham, MA (your home state). You were fantastic in the role…I think you nailed Dagny perfectly and I can’t wait until Part 2 is released! Keep up the great work…you are going to be a Hollywood superstar!

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Samantha   Feb 26, 2011